• Packages sent from outside of the European Union have to pass the custom office. There are strict custom rules for every shipment worth more than 60$, so when You send the package, please mark it as a 'gift' and declare its value as 30$. I am not responsible for customs fees, so if i receive letter from customs, because package was market above 45$, i will not pay custom fees if you not cover it. So after 20 days the package will be return to sender.
  • Send your doll with a face mask and in a sturdy box - the cheapest way to ship is to put the head in the box and then send the box in a bubble envelope.
  • Once I am done I will send back the package packed in the same way I recived it.
  • I will inform You when the package has arrived and when I'll be sending your package back.
  • I am not responsible for any damage caused during the shipping (especially due to the poor packaging).

Shipping quote:

  • The cost of shipping depends on the weight, shape and country you live. Please ask personally for shipping cost and shipping method (Priority Airmail, DHL - only in UE, EMS)

What to do if the package gets damaged

If I receive your package damaged:
  • I will inform you of that fact immiedatly
  • I will send you photos showing what's got damaged
  • I will try to claim damage compensation/complaint on your behalf
If you receive your package damaged:
  • You should claim damage compensation/complaint as soon as you receive it

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