commision form

Please send your filled order form to  shaiel @ shaiel. pl (without spaces)

Or if you don't need form - you want to leave me free hand or you have photos with small description what do you want, only your full address will be needed - for package return :)

  • Your Nickname:
  • Your email:
  • Doll company:
  • Model:
  • Size (Yo-Sd, MSD, SD):
  • Gender:
  • Eye color:
  • hair color:
  • Lips (color, shape):
  • Eyeshadow (color):
  • Lower lashes (color):
  • Eyebrows (color, shape, mood):
  • Extras (freckles, beauty marks, etc.):
  • Pictures/references (links, photos in mail):
  • Character of doll:
  • Package (box, envelope, personal receive):
  • Eyelashes in package (yes/no):
  • Eyelashes from me (yes/no):
  • PearlEX sparkly powder (yes/no): if not described i will use it as default
  • Additional info:

Your full address

  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Street address:
  • City/Suburb:
  • ZIP/Postal code:
  • Country:

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