about me

My name is Katarzyna „Shaiel” Grzywacz and I live in Poland, Europe. I am artistic photographer and blacksmith. I've also performed in a dance theater for 7 years. As of now, I'm living in beautiful land with lake and nature near Stargard and building our dreamhouse. 

 BJDs have been my passion for over 11 years now, and I am very glad that they appeared in my life. In the past yerars I discovered how amazing it is to paint and customize them.

Besides BJD, my primary passion is photograpy, and i love to connect those two.
 I've started taking commissions because I wanted to share my passion with others, and so I could bring their visions and their dolls to life.

 I always enjoyed painting different models and trying to bring different character each time. I always focus on the model and its character to decide what makeup style will fit it best.

 I'm living in a smoke-free home but have a dog - Shiba Inu named Hotaru and cat Luna.

 If you decide to commision me with some work please read carefully the outlined rules before contacting me.

 Hopefully this will allow us to avoid any misunderstandings. If you still have a question or two feel free to ask.

My workstation :)

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