before commision

Read carefully before you commision any work
  • Remember that, if you have a specific character/makeup on mind, the result may be not the same as you wanted it to be. Be precise in describing what you want.
  • Take a look at my portfolio and see if my style suits your taste - you should like my work before you commision.
  • I have my own specific makeup style. If you don't like what you see in my portfolio, please don't commission me.
  • Feel free to send me a photos, sketches or description (in mail shaiel of what type of makeup you would like. It won't look the same as the one you send me but I will try to get a similar feeling.
  • When You give me specifications about painting your doll like : "Paint her as you see her/him", "Paint the head to match the eyes/wig", "I let you have free hand" "... but dont use this or that colour". When i send You results, and You reply with wanting something else or use different colour i will TRY do add it to ALREADY finished makeup. I will not start again. Please respect my time. Im painting in my free time and one head take me 5-6 hours or couple of days to finish. If you still dont accept, im cleaning the head and send backt to you.
  • Under any circumstances I will not copy makeup done by another artist, or will copy makeup I've done myself on different doll
  • Please note, that I have the right to refuse any commission request. It does not happen often, but if what you ask for is too much for me I will have to turn you down.
  • Regarding the blushing - please be aware that chipping on the doll's body is inevitable, especially on the parts that are rubbed often (like joints). Also be aware that blushed body become dirty more easly than non-blushed body. Only way to minimise chipping is to handle the blushed body or parts very carefully. Please bear in mind, that I'm not taking responsibility for the chipped parts.
  • Nobody is perfect and so isn't my work. I always perform up to my best but be aware that my work may have some imprefections, for example under a layer of MSC can remain some dust or some pastel dust inside the head.
  • Heads should arrive clean (eg. no old makeups), otherwise you have to pay an extra fee (for cleaning).
  • If possible, send me the eyes and wig you want to use. It will help me decide the colors I should use.
  • I will send you the photos of nearly finished head, so if you have objection i could apply some improvements.
  • If you're not satisfied with my makeup, I will improve it. If you still don't like my makeup I will clean your head and send it back to you. You will be charged with 10$ plus the shipping cost.
  • I will show you the finished head. Unless you disagree I will be uploading finished photos of the head or parts to my portfolio.
  • Any payments should be done using Paypal. After the payment got processed I will send the head back to you.

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